Primary and Failover Internet


The key to seamless, reliable, and scalable
business operations.


Failover internet solutions are crucial for businesses that cannot afford to lose online connectivity. Whether you run an e-commerce store, rely on
cloud-based services, or handle sensitive customer data, uninterrupted internet access is essential for success. A failover solution immediately
detects when the primary connection fails or is unresponsive and automatically fails over to the backup solution. When the primary router or WAN
link is restored and stable, the connections fail back to the primary connection without any manual intervention. Investing in a failover internet
solution safeguards your business from costly downtime, maintains customer satisfaction, and protects your company’s reputation.

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Seamless Automatic Failover



Router to multiple networks

Network Redundancy and Load Balancing



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Cost-Effective Scalability



Eliminate downtime for critical applications with backup internet solutions.


Traditional wired connections can experience an outage due to various events, such as hardware and cable issues, configuration errors, software update failures, and construction accidents. Without failover, your business would come to a grinding halt, costing an average of $5,600 per minute. However, with failover internet, the backup connection instantly takes over, seamlessly maintaining your online presence and running your operations smoothly.






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Diversify your network and direct traffic for optimized performance.


Failover solutions provide network redundancy by leveraging more connectivity options. This can include different types of connections such as fiber optic, DSL, cable, wireless, or satellite. By leveraging multiple technologies, failover solutions mitigate the risk of a single point of failure and provide reliable connectivity even if one connection type encounters issues.

Additionally, Always Connect Solutions provides failover solutions that offer load-balancing capabilities, intelligently distributing internet traffic across multiple connections. This feature ensures efficient use of all available connections, maximizing bandwidth and optimizing the network’s performance.




Network infrastructure that supports the growth of your business.


Installing wired lines can be expensive and take months to install. By implementing a wireless failover solution, you can get connected with zero-touch deployment features, data plan monitoring, and cloud-based network management, making operating your wireless solutions quick and easy.

Failover internet solutions can handle the increased network traffic and accommodate higher bandwidth demands as your business grows. With vertical scalability, you can integrate additional connections or upgrade existing ones to higher bandwidth options. This scalability ensures that your failover system can handle the increased network demands without compromising performance or reliability. Businesses can also expand horizontally by adding more locations or branch offices to the failover network, creating a unified and redundant network infrastructure.



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Don’t let your business depend on one wire. Our ACS experts will design and deploy your failover solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations,
enhanced productivity, and customer satisfaction. We can do all the heavy lifting for you, from engineering your best possible solutions, device
pre-configurations, and deployment, to whatever level of ongoing support you need. Contact us today for your failover solution.

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