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High speed networks for anywhere your fleet
takes you.


Wireless connectivity is everywhere, but it’s the only option for fleet vehicles and internet-dependent transportation companies. Mobile networks are
essential, from first responders requiring instant communication and real-time data exchange to public transportation operators needing seamless
connectivity for passenger services and digital signage. With in-vehicle internet solutions, organizations can establish reliable connectivity, enabling
real-time collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and remote management.



All-in-One Solution with Multi-Carrier Plans



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High Speed Connectivity on the Go



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Purpose-Built Ruggedized Devices



Constant connectivity and remote management with minimized operational expenses.


Let’s face it. There isn’t a single cellular carrier that covers all areas. By implementing dual or multiple carriers in our all-in-one solution, you can access more coverage in more locations for constant connectivity.

Additionally, ACS wireless solutions are cloud-managed, allowing fleet managers to remotely monitor and manage devices, track sim activity, and access critical data in real-time. This level of control enables proactive maintenance, reduces downtime, and maximizes the operational efficiency of vehicle fleets.





Ambulance trucks
Passengers using WiFi on a bus

In-vehicle connectivity for employees, guest WiFi, vehicle monitoring, GPS tracking, and analytics and more.


Dependable mobile connectivity keeps vehicles on the road longer, helps enterprises manage their fleets, and allows businesses to better serve their customers. Stay in control with real-time access to critical information and the ability to seamlessly send live video footage, process payments on the go, provide customers with WiFi, and remotely manage digital signage with advanced content filtering capabilities.

No matter where you are, ACS solutions enable you to access databases from the road, track vehicle utilization, and optimize routes, leading to significant fuel savings and reduced operational costs.




Stay connected, even in the most extreme conditions.


Transportation presents challenges that are not found in traditional office settings, and it’s essential to have a mobile solution that can withstand those challenges. Tough, ruggedized routers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks, dust, and humidity.

Connect your construction trailers, mobile command vehicles, public safety vehicles, fleet and service vehicles, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and more even in the most extreme conditions.



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By staying connected on the go, businesses can keep their vehicles on the road longer, enhance fleet management, provide better customer service,
and streamline operations. ACS delivers everything you need to deploy and manage your connected vehicles across the nation successfully. Together
with our partner network, we provide an end-to-end solution, from concept and design to deployment and whatever support you need over time.
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