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Pop-up locations have become increasingly popular for businesses as they provide a new avenue to connect with customers. From seasonal stores
and emergency response tents to election polling and event booths, temporary locations need a secure, reliable, easy-to-deploy connectivity
solution. Always Connect Solutions has designed comprehensive connectivity solutions to enable seamless Day-1 networks. Connectivity should never
hinder the growth of your business.

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Layered Security



Connect all your locations and manage your solutions remotely.


With cloud-managed routers, you can connect all your locations as your business grows, and remotely monitor and manage configurations, security, device access, and traffic usage. Always Connect Solutions provides flexible, multi-carrier data packages, enabling network redundancy and allowing you to choose the right plan based on your data needs and budget constraints, streamlining your costs.

Additionally, our solutions can provide a failover solution as well. Once the wired connection is up and running, you can use that same primary router to either load balance between wired and wireless links or use the wireless link for failover, ensuring the most reliable connection.





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Pre-configured and activated for plug-and-play installation.


Wired connections are expensive and time-consuming to install- if that’s even an option for your location. Internet downtime and related network issues usually require IT experts and third-party truck rolls, which can be costly.

ACS provides zero-touch deployment solutions, allowing you to set up your network wherever your business takes you. We can pre-configure your devices and ship the SIM in the box for a plug-and-play installation. Even a store manager can set up your network within minutes without IT staff onsite, saving your business time and money.





Built-in security features to protect your data.


Vulnerabilities in network connections can expose you to potential data breaches, which could also have severe consequences for your reputation. With handling sensitive customer data and financial transactions, ensuring robust security measures is crucial to protect your business and maintain the trust of your customers.

Our comprehensive security solutions are comprised of cloud-based services that offer firewalls, content filtering, zero trust, and device visibility and control. This ensures that every type of data is kept secure while moving from one location to the other. We also provide hardware embedded with advanced security features and software-defined WAN (SD WAN) technologies that allow remote firmware updates and security enhancements.



Your Day-1 Connectivity Solutions Partner


Always Connect Solutions empowers you to focus on business growth and customer satisfaction while we handle your connectivity needs. When you
partner with ACS, we’ll evaluate your current networks and deliver the custom wireless solutions your business needs. Contact us now to learn more
about our comprehensive connectivity solutions for your pop-up shop or Day-1 network. Let our experts guide you in overcoming connectivity
challenges and creating a successful, connected future for your business.

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